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Whether you're hunting for a new job or looking for a career change, I'll guide you step-by-step to getting a job in a career that aligns with your unique purpose and skills while also helping you negotiate the paycheck you deserve. 

I'll draw on my experience from working for companies including Goldman Sachs and a Silicon Valley tech company to give you the tools and insights you need to make your next big career move.

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My 5-Step Formula For Getting A Better Job


70% of jobs are never publicly listed. Start tapping into these hidden opportunities. 

When you go to work do you feel:

burned out?
unhappy with pay?

It's time for a new job. 

I know what it feels like to be in a job that no longer fits your personal goals, skills, and purpose. The Sunday night dread, the constant stress, the lousy pay, and the feeling that your talents are going to waste - it's tough. 

But I also know what it feels like to be in a job that aligns with personal goals, skills, and purpose - everyday you're engaged socially, creatively, and intellectually. You look forward to work and feel like your abilities are being used to the fullest - and you're getting paid what your worth. That's a good feeling.

And if you're happy and energized at work - that's going to spill into your personal life. Your relationships with friends and family will improve, you'll spend more time on hobbies and recreation, and you'll be more motivated to work on mental and physical health. 

Most job-seeking resources will teach you interviewing skills, tips for creating a top notch resume, and ideas for a strong social media presence.

But when it comes to finding an engaging career you love, you need more than tips and tricks. 


Because there are a lot of obstacles today:

- Companies often hire internally

- 70% of jobs are never posted publicly

- A single position can have hundreds of applications

- Companies are screening using robotic tracking systems

- You may be searching for a job you'll actually end up hating

- A badly negotiated job offer will cost you thousands every year

But it's not easy finding the right fit.

I have the system.

So how do you overcome these obstacles and take the uncertainty out of the job-hunt?

I'll help you find a career that makes you jump out of bed every morning excited to pick up where you left off. 

My Coaching Philosophy


I coach to the whole person


I want you to enjoy results and the journey


I'm all about practical strategies

Although my main focus during my coaching program is to help you find a good job, I'll also be exploring how your relationships, health, finances, recreation, and hobbies play a role in the process. 

I definitely want to motivate and inspire you during my coaching program. But more importantly, I want you to walk away with practical, step-by-step strategies you can start implementing immediately. 

My coaching program is not only designed to get you results, but it's also designed to help you have a blast along the way. I want you to enjoy the journey to your new career.

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Clear goals for tracking progress

When we first meet we will set goals specific for the outcomes you're looking for. This will help us track your progress and make sure we're making the best use of our time together.

A little more about me.

I graduated from the University of Utah in Economics in 2013 and started working at Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City. 

After working at Goldman Sachs for more than 5 years I made a career change and started working at the Salt Lake City location for a financial tech company headquartered in Silicon Valley called Addepar. I'm now leading a team at Addepar and it's been by far my favorite job. 

In addition to my own experience in the hiring process, I have been involved in making several hiring decisions for these companies and have an insider's view of what employers are looking for in potential candidates. 

I live in lehi with my wife, Alyse, and two young boys. I love to play basketball on the weekends with my friends and my me and my family often go on hikes in the mountains close to our home. 

Coaching Topics

Self & career assessments
Building a powerful mindset
Networking/info gathering
Building your personal brand
Linkedin review
Resume review
Social Media strategy
Negotiation strategy 
Interview planning
Overcoming obstacles

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When you choose one of my signature coaching packages we'll build a customized program for you based on your specific need. Here are the most common topics we include in your coaching package. 

Signature Coaching Packages

Career Game Plan

- Free discovery call
- 8 weekly sessions (60 min each)
- Ongoing email support
+discounted calibration sessions

This 8-week comprehensive program is specifically structured and tailored to support you fully during your career transition.

Career Strategy

- Free discovery call
- 3 weekly sessions (60 min each)
- Ongoing email support

This 3-week quick hit program is designed address your most pressing career concerns and needs. 

Calibration session

- 60 minute session
- 1 week of email support

This 1 hour coaching session is available to those who have gone through the Career Game Plan or Career Strategy Sessions. They are ongoing sessions for continued career support. 

Free: 30 minute call

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My 5-Step Formula For Getting A Better Job


70% of jobs are never publicly listed. Start tapping into these hidden opportunities. 

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